New feedback from Bellabirthing families

  • “This was my first pregnancy and birth experience.  Having Sasha as my doula made all the difference.  She made me feel confident and relaxed, which allowed me to birth the way I desired.  I recommend her service highly!”
  • “Having someone to comfort and reassure was awesome.  Whatever you need, she is there for.  When we have our second baby, we would do it all the same.  Also having someone to call before the actual birth, even with a quick question was like calling a best friend.”
  • An example of how having a doula helped: “Helped with relaxation - keeping focused during contractions.  Good ideas for positions, physical and mental support.  We would recommend Sasha to anybody seeking this service.”
  • “I don’t think the birth would have gone as well without you.  You helped to keep us calm and offered great ideas throughout the day on ways to make me more comfortable, as well as helping to educate us on hospital protocol, nurses questions.  I felt so much more comfortable and at ease knowing you were there.  I would have been nervous having a hospital birth without you.”
  • “You were wonderful.  We can’t thank you enough.  We hope we get to work with you again.”
  • “We had to make a lot of tough decisions during the birth and her knowledge of our options was helpful.”
  • “We were happy with the whole experience.  She went above and beyond our expectations.  She seemed to have a great working relationship with the staff at the hospital.  We appreciated the way she interacted with the doctor and nurses on our behalf.”
  • “Thank you so much for being so supportive and understanding, throughout our birth.  It was long and we had to make hard decisions.  Your experience and calming presence reassured us.  We had a great birth and feel happy about the experience.”
  • “I LOVE the birth story that you wrote for our baby. I read it with tears steaming down my face. I needed to have all of that on paper, but I would not have known where to begin or been able to keep it so light and bright. Now I can write a birth story for him that basically starts when I got to hold him and the whole rest of that night, without losing the history of what else happened. Phew! Thank you so much. We of course loved having you and would highly recommend you to anyone.”


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by Jennifer Bardsley



The birth of our precious daughter was riddled with challenges and obstacles. Having taken Sasha’s childbirth class, my husband and I were as prepared as we could be. Thankfully we chose Sasha as our doula as well. She was there (and continues to be) every step of the way, providing physical and emotional support.


In regards to the birth of our child, selecting Sasha as our doula was the best decision we made. Her gentle nature and love during our birth brought peace to us all.

Thank you, Sasha. We will be forever grateful.



new mom,  April 2007



When I first met Sasha, I knew she was a type that was a friend to everyone and I knew I could trust her to help me create the best birth experience for me and my husband. I learned so much being a first time mom. Including the proper way to breastfeed, how to co-sleep (if I chose), how to have a natural birth, in the hospital, and most importantly, how to relax during the most enduring experience of my life. Bellabirthing classes helped me give my child a drug-free birthing experience so we could meet each other with a clear, healthy mind. I will always keep these values with me for my future children.
Chevonne Quillen, baby Leeanne


Leeanne and Sasha at Chevonne’s class reunion, 2007



Having someone to comfort and reassure us was awesome.  When we have our 2nd baby we would do it all the same.  In addition to having a doula, birth class was an excellent way to start thinking about the future and to prepare.  To have our doula teaching our class was great because we felt really close.  I give her an A+.  We were very happy, we had a great birth!

Of all the bills we paid, we got the most out of our birth class and our doula.  Money well spent.

Andy and Tasheena Meyer, parents of Kaleista, born August 2008.



Where to start….thank you!  Thank you for your support throughout our pregnancy and for the finale- our birth!  I’m still transfixed at the power of birthing with Zach and with you- you both were so right on throughout, and I’ll never forget the love and intensity of our teamwork.  But you’ve gone even beyond that, sending us the story of Scotland’s birth, which is an absolute treasure.  We can’t say thank you enough.

Shannon and Zach, parents of Scottie, born April 2008



Sasha, we can’t thank you enough for your help with our birth experience!

Kathi and James, parents of Hazel, born August 2008


 Dear Sasha, Thank you for your loving support.

Sa and Paul, parents of Rasika, born September 2008